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"When we give cheerfully and accept greatfully, everyone is blessed." - Maya Angelou

What We Do

Transitional Family Shelter

St. Peter’s Haven provides short term housing for homeless and at risk families. Our goal is to support and maintain the family as a unit, provide case management and to assist our families to obtain safe, affordable housing.

Our utmost priority is to keep each family intact so that they can maintain the normal rhythm of family life. Accepting families of any configuration, we work closely with other community organizations, including veteran’s organizations, to resolve the issue of homelessness in Passaic County.

Food Pantry

Our food pantry provides supplemental food to those in our community experiencing hunger. Currently, we serve over 1000 persons each month.

Open three days out of the week, our pantry is a central resource center for all services for low income families and individuals. This includes regular health clinics, job postings, veteran’s services, health services and access to other agencies and services on both a local and national level.

Throughout the year, we support our pantry members with special programs to meet needs outside of their regular grocery needs. This includes providing backpacks and school supplies to all students from Kindergarten through college; warm coats gloves & scarves in the winter months and a turkey with all the fixings at Thanksgiving.

Hours of Operation

Food Pantry:

Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday: 9AM - 12 Noon


Tuesday thru Friday: 9AM - 4PM


Current Fundraisers & Drives


St. Peter’s Haven is eligible for up to $14,000 in matching grants from the Partners for Health Foundation! Click the icon above for more information.

Food for our Food Pantry to supplement food received from the Community Food Bank. Click on our DONATE button to see how you can run a Healthy Food Drive.

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